Is “Retiring” from Music Just a PR Backstop?

I agree that all publicity is good publicity when it comes to selling your music. Hats off to anyone who can create a media storm, get people hot under the collar, debating your value, which winds on for ages on social media if you’re lucky.

At the other end of the scale, there’s always the option to announce a surprise retirement to get you in the press. As Justin Bieber has just done.

So it seemed a good idea to see who else has announced their retirement or called time at their own musical bar.

  • Lilly Allen has announced her retirement, but she seems to have confirmed for Glastonbury 2014 and has released singles since the announcement. More info from Digital Spy.
  • Wham! did bow out after a gig in 1986 and Andrew Ridgeley went off to do other things. Unlike Take That, Wham! have never reformed.
  • A swift search reveals that Jay-Z, Phil Collins and Frank Sinatra have all announced retirements and carried on.
  • USA Today has done a feature on this already. Here it is.

A quick search on Google, of course, brings up some forums on the subject.

Which musicians said they'd retire.....
Which musicians said they’d retire…..

Anyway, welcome to this new blog. This is just the first post to get the ball rolling. No retirement here.

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