3rd album from 5-piece Irish band HamsandwicH

This news is from Nailler9

HamsandwicH had a pretty good year in 2014. They sold out the Olympia, supported Arcade Fire in Marlay Park and released two of their best songs yet in ‘Illuminate’ and ‘Apollo’.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 16.41.27Those two songs will feature on the band’s new third album Stories From The Surface which will be released on April 17th on The Route 109A Recording Company, five years after their second album White Fox.

It was recorded once again with Karl Odlum in Westland Studios, Windmill Lane Studios, and Bow Lane Studios. It was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in New York (who recently mastered The War On Drugs, Future Islands and St. Vincent) while Danny Kalb mixed the album (Beck, Ben Harper, Karen O).

The band say the album sounds bigger, different but still distinctly them. “The biggest change about this new album is that we’re majorly fussy about it,” Podge says. “Ultimately, we didn’t want to write anything contrived.”

Their new album Stories from the Surface is due out in April. Here is an account of how the band ended up as HamsandwicH.

Bassist and songwriter Moore suggested the name at an early rehearsals session when the group could not decide on a name, and it has both helped and hindered the band. U2 frontman Bono encouraged the group to change the peculiar name upon meeting drummer Ollie Murphy in 2006, but conceded that U2 faced similar criticism about their name before their success. Niamh has commented, “it’s a bit of a blessing I guess, no-one ever forgets the name and it makes us work harder.”

Their new video for Apollo is now on YouTube:

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