Acoustic songsmith from Brisbane with new single and album

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 15.08.45Acoustic singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia is releasing a single “My Baby Don’t Know” taken from his forthcoming debut album “Flight Frost” out this Spring. Flight Frost, a twenty-track album, reveals all facets of the singer from contemplative singer-songwriter to mad scientist.

The single, ‘My Baby Don’t Know’ explores the idea of public revenge. The film clip, building on this theme, becomes the story of a sad alien, playing which, Alex says, “…was a lot of fun”.

While writing and recording the 20 tracks for his album, Alex still performed regularly through 2014, with notable gigs at The Hifi, The Beetle Bar and 4zzz and he also supported both leading Australian bands Cause In Affect and Mother’s Cake during their national and international tours.

To celebrate the April 21st release of his album “Flight Frost”, Alex will next be performing at The Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Australia on March 12th and Tall Poppy Studios, Brisbane, Australia on April 24th 2015.

Here is the song on YouTube:

And on Soundcloud:





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