Creating your biography

As it says in this blog about having a useful press pack ready, your artist biography is to provide information about you. It is not to sell you as your music will be doing that.

Even if you are already successful it is good to have information about you ready and on your website, social media and digital music retail sites. At any stage of your career it is important to have information to send to press, managers, record companies or gig promoters. As many talented musicians aren’t press ready, this will help you stand out and maximise opportunities for word to spread about you.

The aim of a biography is to answer the key questions that anyone might ask about you. This means a promoter may include you in his publicity because you were the artist who sent him the information they needed. Managers and record companies can also overlook the value of a decent artist biography, so having your own press-pack ready can put you at an advantage.

Here are some basic questions to think about answering when writing the first draft of your biography, where applicable:

About your band/yourself:

Band members / instruments played?

When did your band form? Or when did you start your music career?

How did your band form?

Is there a story behind your music or any of your songs?

How did you come up with your name?

Where are you based?

Your main influences/inspiration?

Major gigs, festivals, support slots or any other achievements so far?

Have you worked with any established names in music? Say a bit about the experience.

About your release

Name of your music release (and date if already set).

Name of their producer / studio where recorded.

Record label/distributor information.

Where people can find you online:

Your website address

Social media urls ie Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc.

Url for Youtube or Soundcloud recording of your release.

URL for iTunes or other digital music retail where you are selling your music.

As mentioned, this blog is about creating a useful artist press pack.

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