Music Biz Partners

This page will contain information for all of you who create music about approaching the industry, what type of companies and representatives are out there and a few featured companies, with what they are looking for.

This will also include information about radio, live events and artists based in Cornwall. As a promoter, I will be discussing various venues, promotion styles and the role the band plays in getting their original music out there to reach a wider audience.

From the moment you create new original music, whether it is as a producer, artists, band, songwriter or solo musician, MusicMarketsBlog aims to link up the stages between playing at your local open mic and reaching a larger audience and selling copies of your singles and albums worldwide.

This website will also aim to collect music for future feature CDs for sale, which will invite new artists’ with a strong song to appear on the CD. The artists will not be charged to feature on the CD and will get royalties when copies are sold (more details will be added), and the songs selected will be produced, arranged, recorded and mastered by the artist to a level that is believed will be enjoyed by listeners quickest. As you know, this can be achieved in a bedroom these days, so requires creativity and application rather than a budget.