Views – Guest Bloggers – Ones I like.

Wundergrund is always fun.

If you have views, reviews, interviews, gossip, photos or videos about any commercial, pop, dance, club or chart music, please send it in.

There are 2 more websites:

Music In Making

Everything from forming a band, playing gigs, recording, production, demos etc. The blog covers songwriting or performances of new music in mainly live genres: folk, blues rock, indie, etc. Anything up to a finished recorded and produced product.

Magnetic Music Blog

This is everything post production for new, “under-the-radar” acts of all genres, including alternative ones. It’s all about promoting new music and breaking through your musical career. Coverage includes selling music, jingles, PRS, radio plugging, PR, record sleeves (design), touring, promotion etc.

Please email any writing, photos, video links etc to

If it’s any good (I’ll know in a few lines, it’s about attitude, clarity of message, usefulness of info, entertainment-factor) I’ll publish it.

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